Los Angeles

Despite my very off-putting experience in the USA in 2014, I met a rather charming Californian in Switzerland and in December 2015 I returned to the States (Los Angeles) for four weeks to visit him. I admit, I arrived with adamant resistance to the American lifestyle. I did not appreciate their overbearing customer service in restaurants and stores, I hated having to tip everyone whenever … Continue reading Los Angeles

Leeds, York and Harrogate

Picture (above): York Minster as seen from the city walls.  Whenever I was fed up with Manchester (which was often), I used to catch the train to Leeds. It’s only about an hour away (unless you travel by Nothern Rail, then it takes about half an hour longer) and I much prefer Leeds to Manchester. People seeme somehow friendlier, there are less crowds… for me, … Continue reading Leeds, York and Harrogate


Although I had visited England before (on those dreary family holidays to Cornwall or Blackpool), I didn’t actually know much about the country until I moved down to Manchester to study at university. It was then that my eyes were truly opened to the great divide between Scotland and England. First of all, I was the only Scottish student at the entire university and people were quick … Continue reading Manchester